Reasons To Visit The Historic Attractions In Union

The relatively small town of Union, South Carolina has done a great deal to preserve their history to share with those that will come after them. There are two major destinations in the town that are simply an absolute must for those that enjoy history. They include the Union County Museum and the Cross Keys Plantation.

The Union County Museum is relatively small but is well known as the best local museum that the state has to offer. They put a great deal of work into preserving various artifacts that come from all points of American history, especially those that reflect what life has been like in South Carolina. In addition to their dedication to the preservation of various artifacts that represent the history of Union County through documentation. This includes local genealogy and various legal documents. They allow those that are interested in studying this information access as much as they can. If you have family that came from the region they are a great resource.

The Cross Keys Plantation is another example of the dedication that has gone into preserving local history. In its day this plantation was a staple of the county. People enjoyed the fact that it was located at a junction between a number of towns and used it as a respite from their travels. Additionally, it was a extremely successful plantation that is one of the oldest homes in the area. Built between 1812 and 1814, it is still in amazing repair, with a great deal of the original interior intact. In addition to the main house there are a number of other buildings that are available for exploring. These include the newly added colonial kitchen, an antebellum log cabin, blacksmith shop and carriage house.

There are so many things to view that people of any age are sure to be entertained by their visit to this historic treasure. Be sure to check in advance to verify that they will be in operation when you will be visiting. Also look for a number of special events that are held at the location through the year.

Union is a great town that has a great deal of history to share with the locals and visitors alike. If you find yourself in the area it is absolutely worth taking the time to visit. You will be pleased that you had.