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Coronado Hotel Service offers you a detailed selection of hotels by price, class and category. Here you will find hotels specials and discount offers with savings in some hotels reaching 70%. Our reservation server will help you to get the best accommodation on Coronado Island. Browse the hotels directory for a complete list of hotels in Coronado. Each hotel description offers information such as amenities and services, number of rooms, prices, special deals and contact information. Our user friendly room search box allows you to check for hotels that have availability for your travel dates.

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Search our San Diego hotel directory for accommodations that suit you! Choose from a complete list of hotels on Coronado Island. Each listing offers information such as a general property description, amenities, services, prices, special deals and contact information. The Coronado Hotel room search allows you to view all hotels that have availability for your specific dates. All the hotels we offer have been rated and approved by AAA and the Mobil Travel Guide, the authorities in hotel inspection.

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The Crowned One

Coronado, meaning 'crowned' in Spanish, is a resort city in the San Diego County located 5.2 miles from downtown. Along with a number of hotels, inns and other accommodation options, it the city is home to three major resorts. Coronado lies along a peninsula known as the Silver Strand and is one of the most expensive places to live in the U.S.

The city was founded in 1885 with the intentions of creating a resort community. By the completion of the Hotel del Coronado, the city had already established itself as a major resort. Around this time, the first school was built along with various athletic, boating and baseball clubs.

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